The 28 color photographs add to the explanations in the text, & the numerous diagrams & geongắn gọn xúc tích maps, all in colour, deserve much attention.

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It deserves the welcome which students reserve sầu for a really important contribution to literary criticism.
A virtuous person does not appear lớn deserve a life of suffering even if this is what has been given to other similarly virtuous persons.
Nothing tells us that practical indifference deserves judicial punishment as distinct from other kinds of social responses to lớn blameworthy conduct.
But perhaps its greademo contribution is its final section, the selected bibliography, which deserves special recognition for its inclusiveness and organization.
This series is a momentous undertaking, which deserves full recognition và praise, including the volume at hand.
But falsifiability is only a minimum necessary condition for a hypothesis to lớn be deserving of scientific consideration.
This issue deserves serious multidisciplinary38 investigation, which is beyond the scope of this article.
For example, politicians from economically less privileged but politically over-represented districts may clalặng that poor, depopulated, & rural areas deserve to have more political weight.
Our conclusions concern two apparent asymmetries in our response data which deserve some commentary.
The first is that their own role in arranging a superb collection, for which they deserve much praise, might go unremarked.
Not only is the màn chơi of the scholarly essays high, but the layout of the book also deserves admiration.

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The icing/frosting on the cake: differences between British & American idioms



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