We break down what, exactly, went down and the cast of the Netflix series chimes in with what they think it means for Season 3.

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The Umbrella Academy Season 2 & its ending follow below.>

If you’re reading this, then you’ve reached The Umbrella Academy Season 2 ending. First of all, congrats! You surely had a joyous ride. Second of all, we know you have questions – we have answers. The second season of the Netflix series, which is based on the comics by Gerard Way & Gabriel Bá, was a marked improvement over the first. Not that Season 1 was bad, but the 1960s-set Season 2 was just so tightly constructed, so emotionally fulfilling, so narratively satisfying that it really is one of the best seasons of TV that Netflix has produced thus far.

The continued adventures of Five (Aidan Gallagher), Vanya (Ellen Page), Luther (Tom Hopper), Allison (Emmy Raver-Lampman), Klaus (Robert Sheehan), Diego (David Castañeda) và Ben (Justin H. Min) were an absolute delight this time around, blending kích hoạt with humor, emotion, and progressive character development to result in a supremely satisfying batch of 10 episodes.

But the Umbrella Academy Season 2 finale also ends on a cliffhanger that is slightly confusing and incredibly tantalizing, setting up a tremendously delicious potential Season 3 (which Netflix hasn’t officially ordered yet). So without further ado, let’s break down that ending, what exactly happened, and what it means for the road ahead.

The Finale

the-umbrella-academy-cast Photo by Christos Kalohordis/Netflix
Before we get lớn the ending ending of Season 2, let’s backtrack slightly khổng lồ recap what we learned in the finale episode, aptly titled “The end of Something,” which is a reference to lớn something The Handler said to Five in Season 1 when she first met him in the apocalyptic future.

The Umbrella Academy Season 2 finale takes place largely on Sissy’s (Marin Ireland) farm, where her son Harlan is having a full-on powers breakdown. You see, when Vanya revived Harlan after he drowned, she imbued in him some of her powers. Và when Vanya was being tortured by the FBI, she basically mind-melded with Harlan và set him off, creating a “Rogue from X-Men 1”-type situation.

But as the full Umbrella Academy team arrives at Sissy’s farm (the family members having learned their lesson last season và now deciding to support and help Vanya instead of treating her lượt thích Frankenstein’s monster), so too arrives The Handler (Kate Walsh) and Lila (Ritu Arya) lớn “eliminate the suspects responsible for the assassination of JFK và the murder of the Commission’s Board of Directors.” Lila is fired up và ready to straight-up murder the Hargreeves kids, having learned that Old Man Five is the one who killed her parents.

the-umbrella-academy-season-2-lila-diego Photo by Christos Kalohordis/Netflix
After Vanya does her Silver Surfer thing và eliminates a cadre of Commission agents, it’s revealed that Lila too has powers. She floats up, just like Vanya, & begins laying waste khổng lồ the farm. As it turns out, Lila can mirror the powers of each individual Umbrella Academy member, and proves a formidable foe. Why? Because she was born on October 1, 1989 – the same day as the Hargreeves children. She’s special, just like them.

It takes a lot of fighting for a conversation to ensue, but ensue it does. Five admits he killed Lila’s parents, but only as part of a contract – a contract that The Handler faked. How often does management go on kill jobs, as The Handler did the night Lila’s parents were killed? Never. The Handler faked the kill order because she wanted khổng lồ steal Lila – she knew she was special. Diego tries khổng lồ appeal to Lila’s heart, as the Hargreeves kids empathize with Lila’s abusive parent & try lớn convince her she’s one of them.

“We can be your family if you just let us,” Diego says to lớn Lila. But just then, The Handler comes in & shoots everyone but Lila. She asks her mother if it’s true, if she faked the kill order khổng lồ snatch Lila. “I need lớn know that we can get past this, be a happy family again,” The Handler replies coolly. Understanding The Handler is straight-up no good, Lila responds, “They’re my real family.” Bad idea. The Handler shoots her dead. And then the last remaining Swede (remember those three creepy assassins that were commissioned by The Commission khổng lồ kill the Umbrella Academy kids?) shows up and kills The Handler.

Just when it seems like The Umbrella Academy is wrapping up with an incredibly dark finale, A dying Five remembers what his father said khổng lồ him when they confronted Reggie earlier in the season. “Seconds, not decades,” Reggie said to lớn Five, suggesting he try khổng lồ hone his time travel ability by traveling only small bits at a time.

the-umbrella-academy-ellen-page Photo by Christos Kalohordis/Netflix
And indeed he does. He time travels back a minute or so, before everyone was murdered in the barn, and is able khổng lồ disarm The Handler before she shoots everyone. This time, Lila still asks The Handler if it’s true that she killed her parents, but before The Handler can answer, The Swede shows up và shoots her dead. In the confusion, Lila reaches for the time-traveling brief case & jumps outta there. Five convinces The Swede lớn drop his weapon, saying simply “enough,” và they go their separate ways. The Umbrella Academy is alive and well. The violence, finally, has ended.

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Vanya is able lớn take back whatever power she had given lớn Harlan (or so she thinks), bringing an over to the chaotic energy swirling around him. Commission-wise, Herb arrives & informs Five & Diego that he’s now the acting chairperson of the organization until they elect a new Board of Directors. He happily lets them have a briefcase to jump back home.

But as the Hargreeves family prepares to jump in time back to 2019, Sissy informs Vanya she and Harlan can’t come with them. If they get separated in the jump lượt thích last time, she’s worried what will happen khổng lồ Harlan alone in a strange place. But she does tell Vanya that she intends to move khổng lồ California and tells her, “if you ever find a safe way back khổng lồ me you take it.” Our final look at Sissy & Harlan reveals that he retains some of Vanya’s powers, as he’s making one of his toys levitate in the backseat. Allison, meanwhile, leaves a chú ý for Ray saying that while her time in the 1960s changed her, she doesn’t belong there.

Vanya, Luther, Diego, Allison, Klaus, and Five all join hands as Five opens the brief case và they make the jump lớn 2019…

the-umbrella-academy-season-2-cast Photo by Christos Kalohordis/Netflix
The jump at first seems lượt thích it worked. The Umbrella Academy kids land in April 2, 2019, the day after the apocalypse, & the Hargreeves mansion still stands. They celebrate & make their way to lớn the living room, where they’re at first flummoxed lớn see a painting of Ben over the mantle instead of Five. Then they notice Reginald Hargreeves (Colm Feore) is there, alive and well. “I knew you’d show up eventually,” he says which suggests he remembers them from when they confronted him in 1963. But when the kids hotline the mansion their home, Reginald replies, “Home? This isn’t your home.” What is it then? “This is the Sparrow Academy.”

Just then, five individuals appear on the balcony above, faces obscured, và next to them a cube floats in the air. Then Ben (Justin H. Min), also alive and well, walks in… except he looks extremely different. “Dad, who the hell are these assholes?” Ben asks, hair shaggy và sporting a gnarly scar over the front of his face. In unison, the Umbrella Academy kids say, “Shit.” Roll credits.

So what, exactly, is going on here? There are two possible scenarios. The first, which feels lượt thích the most likely, is we’re in a Back khổng lồ the Future Part II situation. By virtue of the fact that the Hargreeves children were moseying around 1960s Dallas, Texas for a few years, they irreparably changed the timeline. It’s a butterfly effect. Except instead of stepping on a butterfly, they tracked down their father and proceeded to tell him all the things he hadn’t done yet – adopted them, trained them, & died to try and bring them together lớn prevent the apocalypse. All of that happened, & because it happened, when 1989 rolled around it appears as though Reginald Hargreeves made some different decisions than the ones he made in the original timeline.

Because Reggie already knew he would adopt Vanya & Five and Luther and Allison và Klaus and Diego, it appears as though he specifically chose not to adopt Vanya và Five & Luther và Allison & Klaus and Diego. & because Reggie was told he started a school for these gifted youngsters called “The Umbrella Academy,” it appears as though he chose not to call it The Umbrella Academy. Their actions made an impact on his actions, altering the timeline. Like when Biff got hold of the Sports Almanac và created the “darkest timeline” version of 1985 in Back to lớn the Future Part II. You know, the one with Trump Tower Biff Tower.

The other possible scenario is that when the Umbrella Academy kids jumped “back” to lớn 2019, they actually jumped to a parallel dimension in which everything is different. Although this scenario would hinge on the Commission’s briefcase being faulty (because we’ve seen folks jump all over the same timeline throughout this show with no problems) và the existence of multiple dimensions within The Umbrella Academy universe.

What happens next? Assuming the Back to lớn the Future 2 scenario is the correct reading of this ending, the Umbrella Academy kids are now the only ones who remember the “original” timeline. The big question now is, who are the Sparrow Academy students? Are they “shadow” versions of Vanya, Luther, Klaus, Allison, Diego, và Five, or are they different characters altogether? I’m inclined lớn think it’s the latter – that Reggie specifically did not adopt the Umbrella Academy kids in an effort to lớn change the timeline, which means either different versions of them are out there, or the Vanya, Luther, Klaus, Allison, Diego, & Five who just arrived “back” in 2019 are the only versions of those individuals existing. Because – and hear me out – in the time between 1963 & 2019 in this altered timeline, they didn’t exist. They jumped directly from 1963 to 2019.

Questions abound, specifically with regards khổng lồ Lila. She has a briefcase, so is she hopping around the timeline? Is the the Big Bad in Season 3? Is she one of the Sparrow Academy kids? & what about Harlan? Last we saw he was a kid in 1963, but in 2019 he’d be a fully fledged adult – with powers. We can probably assume Vanya will make some sort of attempt lớn track him down.

tracnghiem123.com reporter Christina Radish interviewed The Umbrella Academy showrunner Steve Blackman recently & asked him how this altered timeline might affect a potential Season 3 (which hasn’t yet officially been ordered by Netflix). Unsurprisingly, he was tight-lipped:

“Well, I don’t wanna give anything away. If we’re lucky enough to lớn get a Season 3, I know what it is. I already have a plan for it, in my mind. I know the beginning, middle and end of Season 3. I know it’s gonna be a very challenging season for them. Clearly, the Umbrella Academy is no more and their brother, who should be deceased, is standing right in front of them. So, I think there’s gonna be some changes. And Hargreeves, who should be dead, is alive. I don’t wanna give anything away, but it will be obviously be a fun và tragic season for them to lớn understand what’s happening & how it came lớn be.”

Blackman did confirm that they intentionally blocked out the faces of those in the Sparrow Academy, so their identities will remain a mystery until Season 3.

In a separate interview with Christina, Five actor Aidan Gallagher spoke about how the Season 2 ending sets up Season 3 và theorized they the characters have changed the timeline enormously:

“Think about it, if you solve one thing in the timeline, you therefore change the timeline again. You have an endless butterfly effect. You can never fully get back khổng lồ the original timeline. When they jump back lớn 2019, for all they know, everything’s different. They assume everything’s fine, but when they see that it’s now the Sparrow Academy, that’s a hint of the mayhem in this different world. They’re now in an unfamiliar landscape, yet again, & they’re all in it for the first time.”

Klaus actor Robert Sheehan, meanwhile, told tracnghiem123.com that for Klaus, the biggest thing going into Season 3 is this new version of Ben:

“In terms of the Sparrows, I would imagine there’s gonna be some fighting. Knowing our show as we do, I would imagine there’s gonna be some property destruction. Ultimately, for Klaus, it’s gonna concern Ben. It’s gonna concern this new leader Ben quite a lot. It’s also gonna concern the fact that Dad met us when he was a younger man, và then chose not to keep us together, not lớn adopt us, & basically avoided us lượt thích the plague. I don’t know how disappearing up its own ass the time travel can get, but it does make you wonder, if we were in the 1960s, & then we time leapfrogged back to 2019, did those women still have us in 1987? and then, you’re opening up a whole different can of worms because then there are mirrors of us, walking around. But that’s too much folding in on itself. But I think the Sparrows are the new version of us.”

With regards to lớn the Sparrow Academy students, Min concurred in an interview with tracnghiem123.com that it sets up a new formidable antagonist for the team:

“Let’s talk about that green floating cube. There’s a lot going on in that last scene. Even daddy, Reggie Hargreeves, feels very different with his demeanor. I’m very curious to lớn explore that relationship and see what that leads to. It just phối up for an amazing potential Season 3 because it will really be the first time where the Umbrella Academy is facing themselves, almost, or a version of themselves. The last two seasons, the antagonists have been these assassin type people, & no one really with supernatural abilities, except Lila. But now, they’re facing an exact replica of themselves, in the Sparrow Academy, so it sets itself up for something really exciting.”

Min added that he & the Umbrella Academy cast were kept in the dark about that final scene until a few days before they shot it. Meaning he & everyone else thought he was leaving the show:

“When I shot that final scene with Ellen Page và Vanya in Episode 9, I actually thought that was my final scene on the show. It was quite an emotional scene because Ben is saying goodbye khổng lồ his family, but Justin, as the actor, I felt lượt thích I was saying goodbye lớn the show, as well, and my actual crew family that I’ve grown lớn love & care for, for the past six months, & even some of our continuing crew members, for the last two years. We’d received the draft of Episode 10, at that point, when I shot that scene with Ellen, but the last three pages had been omitted, so none of us knew. & then, a few weeks after that, um, I got a ping on my phone for a đứng đầu secret thư điện tử from Steve Blackman, who had just emailed the seven Hargreeves children và said, ‘Here’s the last scene. Hope you enjoy it.’ I remember it vividly. It feels like yesterday. It was 8:48pm in my Toronto apartment, and I read it và just started screaming at the đứng đầu of my lungs in there. I was completely shocked and flabbergasted and gobsmacked và overjoyed, khổng lồ be allowed lớn come back & be a part of this show, especially if we get renewed for another season.”

The actor also noted that he worked khổng lồ differentiate Sparrow Academy Ben from Ghost Ben:

“Even from his appearance to the scar on his face khổng lồ his hair, we wanted Sparrow Academy Ben khổng lồ feel completely different from Ghost Ben. I even grew out what I could of my incredible mustache, so he could seem a bit rougher. We had about 20 iterations of that hair that we were experimenting with. We just really wanted to make it messier & longer, and there’s even a couple of blue streaks… I’m so excited. As an actor, these are the most fun things khổng lồ play, when it’s a bit of a stretch from yourself. Ghost Ben, in a lot of ways, feels very comfortable for me. Those are the types of characters that I’m good at playing because they are, to a certain extent, similar to my essence, as a person. But Sparrow Academy Ben is completely not that. I’m so excited for that challenge and to get to do what I can with that character.”

Here"s hoping he gets the chance, và we get the chance khổng lồ find out what this Sparrow Academy is all about. We’ve seen & loved Season 2. Now we’re ready for The Umbrella Academy Season 3.

For more on The Umbrella Academy Season 2, kiểm tra out our cast and characters guide.

Reporting by Christina Radish contributed khổng lồ this article.

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