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I have always wanted khổng lồ try The toàn thân Shop but because the products are on the costlier side, I always dropped my decision. This time, I made my mind & I went ahead to try TBS. The very first sản phẩm I could think of was The toàn thân Shop Tea Tree Face Wash as it sounded perfect for my acne-prone skin.

I have used The body toàn thân Shop Tea Tree Skin Clearing Facial Wash for days now & I am totally happy & satisfied with my purchase.

If you have been looking for The toàn thân Shop Tea Tree Face Wash Review, you are on the right page.

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The body Shop Tea Tree Skin Clearing Facial Wash

Price: Rs.695/- for 250ml

Available at Nykaa & Amazon

Product Description

This daily-use facial wash for blemished skin gives clearer-looking skin when used as part of a regular regime.

Removes excess oil without over-drying skinHelps remove impuritiesClinically proven lớn give clearer-looking skin

Review – The toàn thân Shop Tea Tree Face Wash

My Skin Type: Combination to lớn Oily in Summers, Dry in Winters, Sensitive, và Acne-Prone Skin

Packaging: The best ever, literally. Squeezable see-through bottle with a flip-flop cap, tight enough to lớn secure the product và comfortable enough lớn not break your nails.

It is so easy và convenient because a lot of times, flip-flop caps just ruin my nails. You can easily carry it during your travel but because it is on the runnier side, it would be great to take precautions lớn avoid any mess. The expiry date is also mentioned on the product along with other required details.

Fragrance: Heaven! You know tea-tree immediately just makes you forget everything and enjoy the fragrance. This is so it! The moment, I took out some in my hand there was this fragrance everywhere. I love it.

My Experience

The toàn thân Shop Tea Tree Face Wash impressed me at every step. From packaging lớn fragrance to after results, simply mind-blowing.

I took out some onto my palm, rubbed it to khung lather và started massaging my face. This whole time my mind was simply enjoying the fragrance.

The moment I washed-off the facewash, there was this relaxing cooling sensation which totally relaxed me. Like, if you are coming home all tired, the fragrance and the cooling sensation will just refresh you and wake you up.

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While washing off my face, when I first saw that it is runny gel in texture and consistency I was lượt thích Oh God! it is going lớn be an another mild one leaving a soapy layer on my face.

To my surprise, The body Shop Tea Tree Face Wash cleansed away all the dirt, excess oil, và grime effectively without leaving any mild or soft soapy layer behind. Neither it left any stretchiness or dryness behind. It is simply perfect.

My skin felt oil-free, fresh, and clean.

Coming khổng lồ the results, The body toàn thân Shop Tea Tree Face Wash so definitely helps in achieving clear looking skin. With the regular usage, I don’t know what it did, but my skin started to lớn look way more clear. Not that it worked on giant red pimples or marks overnight but it just simply worked on tiny marks here và there resulting in clear-looking skin.

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Because The toàn thân Shop Tea Tree Face Wash didn’t make my skin too dry or uncomfortable stretchy, I think it would be a good fit for dry skin people as well. In fact, for all skin types.

Summing up-

The toàn thân Shop Tea Tree Skin Clearing Facial Wash made it khổng lồ my favorites. The tea-tree fragrance simply refreshes my mind and the cooling effect just takes away your tiredness & feels simply refreshing. It effectively cleanses away excess oil, dirt, and grime without leaving any soapy layer behind or any uncomfortable dryness. It actually works on the blemishes resulting in clearer looking skin.

ProsRefreshing Tea-Tree FragranceCooling sensation post washingRemoves excess oil and dirt without over-dryingNo soapy layer behindWorks on blemishesResults in clearer skinCruelty-FreeConsNone

So This was it for today.I hope you have found The toàn thân Shop Tea Tree Face Wash đánh giá Helpful.

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