A clear plan can then be developed with input đầu vào from the obstetrician, thrombosis specialist và anaesthetist prior lớn the delivery.

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Evans et al76 noted that over 96% of obstetricians would choose heparin rather than coumadin for pregnant women with mechanical valves.
These forms, as well as direct communication from obstetricians và pediatricians, provided data on outcome.
As an individual obstetrician will rarely use uterine compression sutures, it is useful to have diagrams, which can be sterilised and included in the tray.
She seems lớn wish khổng lồ make explicit her awareness that obstetricians have a different view of pregnancy than general practitioners.
The training courses were conducted within the local maternity unit and were run by a multi-professional team of midwives, obstetricians & anaesthetists.
In the absence of controlled trial data obstetricians should delay delivery until the last possible moment.
Antibiotics, improvements in anaesthesia & the increased skill of obstetricians who perform more operations have all combined to lớn reduce the maternal death rate.
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