After dying as a result of God"s mistake, the main character finds himself in a parallel world, where he begins his second life. His only possessions are the body toàn thân that God gave back to lớn him and a điện thoại thông minh that works even in this new world. As he meets all kinds of new people & forges new friendships, he ends up learning the secret to this world. He inherits the legacy of an ancient civilization và works together with the kings of some very laid-back countries on his carefree travels through this new world.

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"Satou," aka Ichiro Suzuki is a programmer in the middle of a death march. He was supposed lớn be taking a nap but somehow wakes up in another world... What lies before him is what looks like the thực đơn screen of the game he was working before his nap. He’s at a complete beginner stage at cấp độ 1. However, he had three “Meteor Showers” which could level a whole map. Suddenly, a whole group of lizardmen appears in front of him. In order khổng lồ survive, Satou uses Meteor Shower, his cấp độ jumped to lớn 310 và he became extremely wealthy. Whether it be dream or reality, Satou’s journey was now beginning.

TagsActionAdventureDramaFantasyHaremShounenCheatsIsekaiMagicOverpowered Main CharactersPerson in a Strange WorldRPGWise Man’s GrandchildTV (12 eps)SILVER LINK.2019

A young man dies in a oto accident and is reborn in a magical new world. The old, yet wise Merlin finds the boy, names him Shin, raises him from infancy, và teaches him combat and powerful magic along the way. 15 years later, Shin is ready lớn travel the globe on his own, but Merlin forgot lớn teach him something major—common sense!

TagsActionAdventureFantasyIsekaiMagicOverpowered Main CharactersPerson in a Strange WorldReincarnationViolenceThat Time I Got Reincarnated as a SlimeTV (24 eps)8-Bit2018 - 2019

Lonely thirty-seven-year-old Satoru Mikami is stuck in a dead-end job, unhappy with his mundane life, but after dying at the hands of a robber, he awakens to lớn a fresh start in a fantasy a slime monster! As he acclimates to his goopy new existence, his exploits with the other monsters set off a chain of events that will change his new world forever!

TagsActionAdventureComedyFantasyShounenCheatsDemonsIsekaiKingdom BuildingMagicManagementModern KnowledgeMonstersNon-Human ProtagonistsOverpowered Main CharactersPerson in a Strange WorldPoliticalReincarnationRPGSlimesViolenceThe 8th Son? Are You Kidding Me?TV (12 eps)Shin-Ei Animation2020

Shingo Ichinomiya, a 25-year-old man working at a firm company, while thinking of tomorrow"s busy working day, goes to lớn sleep. However, when he woke up, he found himself in a room unknown lớn him và realized that he is inside a 6-years-old body, taking over his toàn thân and mind. He soon learns from the memories of the boy that the boy was born as the youngest child of a poor noble family living in a back country. Having no administrative skill, he can"t vị anything lớn manage the vast land his family has. Fortunately, he is blessed with a very rare talent, the talent of magic. Unfortunately, while his talent could bring prosperity to lớn his family, in his situation it only brought disaster. This is the story of the boy, Wendelin Von Benno Baumeister, opening his own path in a harsh world.

TagsActionAdventureDramaFantasyIsekaiMagicNobilityOverpowered Main CharactersPerson in a Strange WorldPoliticalBy the Grace of the GodsTV (12 eps)Maho Film2020

Only 39 years into a life full of bad luck, Ryoma Takebayashi passes away in his sleep! Taking pity on him, three divine beings show compassion by reincarnating him as a young boy to lớn a magical, new world. Now he spends his time researching and caring for slimes. But after healing an injured traveler, Ryoma decides to set out with his new friends on a journey to lớn use his power to lớn help others.

TagsAdventureFantasySlice of LifeIsekaiIyashikeiMagicMonstersPerson in a Strange WorldReincarnationSlimesSlow LifeExplicit ViolenceKonoSuba – God"s blessing on this wonderful world!TV (10 eps)Studio DEEN2016

After a traffic accident, Kazuma Satou’s disappointingly brief life was supposed to lớn be over, but he wakes up khổng lồ see a beautiful girl before him. She claims khổng lồ be a goddess, Aqua, và asks if he would lượt thích to go to another world & bring only one thing with him. Kazuma decides to bring the goddess herself, & they are transported to a fantasy world filled with adventure, ruled by a demon king. Now Kazuma only wants khổng lồ live in peace, but Aqua wants to solve many of this world’s problems, & the demon king will only turn a blind eye for so long…

TagsAdventureComedyEcchiFantasyDemonsGagGodsGuildsIsekaiNEETNon-Human ProtagonistsParodyPerson in a Strange WorldRPGThe Master of Ragnarok & Blesser of EinherjarTV (12 eps)EMT Squared2018

Yuuto Suoh is a boy from modern times who accidentally ended up in the warring world of Yggdrasil. In a world where various clans fight for supremacy và survival of the fittest rules supreme, Yuuto managed lớn use his modern knowledge as a weapon & the age of sixteen, managed to lớn become a Patriarch with a force of thousands. Welcome lớn an exhilarating battle fantasy chronicle about a young man who became a king in a parallel world & the beautiful battle maidens who swear absolute fealty lớn him!!

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Saikyou no Shokugyou wa Yuusha chạy thử Kenja thử nghiệm Naku Kanteishi (Kari) Rashii desu yo?Vol: 5+; Ch: 41+AlphaPolis2017 - ?

An average student got khổng lồ another world & was granted the strongest job. No not a hero, not a sage either, it"s inspector. With the ability lớn inspect anything và gather information accurately, surely this is the strongest job there is.

TagsAdventureComedyFantasyShounenGuildsIsekaiPerson in a Strange WorldRPGArifureta: From Commonplace to lớn World"s StrongestVol: 9+; Ch: 59+Comic Gardo2016 - ?

When a classroom of students is transported lớn another world khổng lồ act as its saviors, Hajime Nagumo finds himself the weakest link. As his friends và classmates are granted strong classes và impressive abilities due to lớn their existing skills, he is given the weak title of Synergist. When a dungeon quest leaves him separated from his group, Hajime must discover his own talents or be left lớn rot in this world forever.

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TagsActionAdventureDramaEcchiFantasyHaremDark FantasyDemonsDungeonGunsIsekaiMagicMonstersNon-Human ProtagonistsOverpowered Main CharactersPerson in a Strange WorldRPGSummoned Into Another WorldExplicit ViolenceAdapted khổng lồ AnimeIris: The Lady & Her SmartphoneCh: 140+Kakao Page2018 - ?

Betrayed và murdered by her own husband and family, Iris"s life flashes before her eyes - including her previous one in modern times! With this new knowledge, she returns lớn before she was ever married. Determined lớn get revenge, Iris seeks help from the most eligible bachelor in the empire, Duke Valenciaga. His unexpected proposition for her: "Go out with me." Why did he pick her, và can this arrangement help her quest for vengeance?

TagsFantasyManhwaRomanceWebtoonsFull ColorNobilityPerson in a Strange WorldReincarnationRevengeSecond ChanceTime TravelTensei Kenja wa Musume lớn Kurasu.Vol: 1+; Ch: 6+Comic It2019 - ?

Meet Kento Oonari, salaryman in hell. Overworked by his bosses, his head surely whirled. He dies, but meets up with a god called Raidel who tells him that he’ll be sent khổng lồ a new world. Kento"s fairly cautious - he’s read this before. & so, to the god, he begs for one thing: “I just want khổng lồ live a slow life, nothing more.“ Just give me a house and a skill for farming.” So Kento is sent khổng lồ a medieval age lớn live a nice, slow life. But what a surprise! The god gave him the powers of a Great Sage! & Kento used magic in front of commoner eyes! So join us today, as we read of this man: His cheat skills, his slow life, and his little girl clan.

TagsAdventureFantasyHaremJoseiSlice of LifeCheatsChildcareIsekaiOverpowered Main CharactersPerson in a Strange WorldSlow LifeDeath March lớn the Parallel World RhapsodyVol: 12+; Ch: 87+Dragon Age2014 - ?

Suzuki is a programmer in the midst of a death march-crunch time, when coders live on caffeine & pull twenty-hour days. He just needs a little nap...but then he has a dream. A dream where he"s in another world, with RPG powers right out of his game. A dream where he calls down a great disaster. A dream that, suspiciously, just won"t end...

TagsActionAdventureDramaFantasyHaremShounenCheatsIsekaiMagicOverpowered Main CharactersPerson in a Strange WorldRPGAdapted to AnimeKarma no Skill de Musou Suru Isekai Harem Kaitou-danVol: 2+; Ch: 15+Dragon Age2020 - ?

Takio Asakawa is an ordinary salaryman who- surprise, surprise- dies and gets reincarnated into another world. A big tín đồ of isekai stories, Takio is immediately ready for his OP slow life adventure. However, when he enters the other world, he discovers that not all is as it seems. Adventure guilds are a relic of the past, và income inequality plagues the country. Công nghệ has progressed to lớn the point that guns exist, making swords và sorcery useless. However, Takio discovers that he has a special skill- with slight of hand, he can steal from others as easily as breathing air. After recovering a woman who claims herself lớn be the reincarnation of the legendary thief Goemon Ishikawa, Takio realizes that he was brought to lớn this world for a specific reason: lớn enact justice by stealing from the rich & giving lớn the poor.

TagsAdventureEcchiFantasyHaremShounenCheatsIsekaiKujibiki Tokushou: Musou Harem-kenVol: 6+; Ch: 33+Suiyoubi wa Mattari Dash X Comic2018 - ?

I drew a lottery at the Shopping District và won a privilege to lớn go lớn another world. After drawing a lot of balls, unexpectedly I got a cheat like skill. Silencing those who are noisy & getting hold of all the things that I want. I will satisfy all my desire.

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MayobeAug 2, 2017

This is so incredibly bad.This show drains the life out of me to lớn the point that I can"t even stop watching it. I can"t even bring myself lớn hate it. That"s how bland and derivative it is.I think the only saving grace here is that the show itself is completely transparent about being awful."Hey, this is going lớn be a pathetic wish-fulfillment anime for the author. We"re letting you know in advance that God himself has literally made the main character infalliable và more or less all powerful - as a plot point. As you can probably guess, everyone else in the universe has a single digit IQ and would be amazed lớn the point of orgasm just to lớn see someone spell their own name correctly on the first attempt. So that"s the entire plot in advance, now here comes 100 seasons of crap. ENJOY!"And it"s delivering on that promise.I"ve heard it argued that shows lượt thích Re:Zero, Konosuba, & Grimgar were capitalizing on the errors made by SAO by demonstrating how much better a plot could be if it were written with being interesting in mind instead of being so incredibly indulgent. Re:Zero focused on the psychological trauma of invulnerability, Konosuba removed the "chosen one" aspect and made the wortless NEET remain a worthless NEET, & Grimgar was just a more honest (horrifying) approach lớn the isekai formula.I think điện thoại thông minh is sort of taking the opposite route here: it"s removed the high-calibur art and visual design & the angsty, edgy nonsense that was designed to make mental cripples think something deep was happening. It"s just pure and unapologetic masturbation.And it"s still better than SAO.

I"ll be talking a bit about the original novel first. điện thoại cảm ứng is a bit of a cross between slice of life and adventure, both well established genres when it comes lớn fantasy stories starting with the "transported/reincarnated to lớn another world" trope. Although there is no shortage of action, và there is an actual plot (mind you, not a good one), the tone of the story is very, very light, with no tension or real danger lớn the protagonist"s party. As is pretty typical with "isekai" novels these days, the MC brings dishes, games và weapons from his previous world, which gets pretty slice-of-lifey at times. The emphasis is on games, though, rather than food, which is actually kind of unusual.If you have any intense dislike for over-powered main characters with too many abilities to count, you probably won"t enjoy Smartphone. Going along with the isekai genre clichés, Touya, the main character, gains ridiculous powers with his reincarnation, putting him instantly outside the common sense of this world. For me, personally, the saving grace here is that despite becoming something like a demigod, he never lets it go to lớn his head. I bởi usually like a masculine & even morally dubious MC, but at the same time, I can appreciate a humble & earnest attitude in an OP character. He could use a bit more backbone when dealing with his harem, and his modern Japanese sensibilities make him seem a bit indecisive at times (he"s having a hard time adapting to lớn the fact that polygamy, as well as marrying young, is normal in this world), but the situation is somewhat salvaged by the fact that none of the girls are too overbearing or unreasonable. On the plus side, I enjoy how serious he"s about his responsibilities, never hesitating when something needs to be done. Putting it in text lượt thích this, he probably sounds very bland, but I"m finding it hard to dislike such a good kid, haha.Oh well. If you go into the show with the right attitude, you can find plenty of amusement in how Touya literally has God on speed dial, solves national crises with a smartphone, & finds himself surrounded by adoring bishoujos within weeks since he appeared into this world. The tác giả of this story brazenly hands him stuff on a silver platter, in a manner that any competent tác giả trying lớn write a serious story would purposefully avoid. Smartphone is shameless wish-fulfillment fluff và doesn"t even pretend khổng lồ be anything more.In a way, I think this kind of a story is only possible in a world with no shades of grey. There are good people/creatures & there are bad people/creatures. There"s nothing in between. (Well, maybe just one character, who"s briefly shown in the end.) Touya gets acquainted with a number of very good people, many of them rulers and other influential people. The way they treat him is amazingly friendly và naïve, they make friends without reservations with a man they know could conquer the world without breaking a sweat. Their attempts to lớn control him are limited to lớn making use of his quality powers khổng lồ make their own life easier - a bit further into the novels, they often simply give him không tính phí hands to khuyễn mãi giảm giá with any problem as he sees fit, then proceed to the trò chơi room for some R&R.Then there are the bad people, whose brand of evil is often comically stereotypical, in ways that makes dealing with them simple and miễn phí of any pesky moral dilemmas. The only antagonists worth mentioning are an extra-dimensional invader race that doesn"t make much of an appearance yet.You won"t find much depth khổng lồ the girls, either, but they make for a pretty lively & fun harem. No one is particularly annoying or bland. Also, I think their character designs are rather nice. Romance elements aren"t particularly emphasised (though interestingly, the last episode is almost solely about that), but neither are they too subtle, there are some xinh tươi moments lớn look forward to. BTW, Yumina is the best girl. Not only is she the cutest, she also has a nice personality, and what"s best, she"s an almost Momo-tier harem builder. (Momo from to lớn Love-ru, in case you"re not familiar with it...)Dialogue is probably the best part. It"s pretty entertaining usually, not as amateurish as pretty much everything else about this story. Ironically, while I drone on about the show"s flaws in multiple paragraphs in this review, I don"t really have much more khổng lồ say about the show"s sole forte.The overarching plot is actually somewhat interesting, but 12 eps is too little to even get properly started on it. The best we get is a bit of mystery with the Babylon, the hints about a lost civilisation that possessed incredibly advanced magic, and one fight and some general information about the story"s main antagonists. The arcs are typically pretty short, a few dozen chapters at most, the early ones even shorter - in the anime, most arcs are done within 1-2 episodes. Plot-wise, they"re as straightforward as they get.Now, finally, about the anime. It looks pretty low-budget, but the animation is passable. The music is quite passable as well, I especially enjoyed the Babylon theme in the last two episodes. The voice actors vì a fine enough job, & the dramatisation (particularly the comedic timing with the dialogue) is competent, though nothing khổng lồ call home about. IMO, the anime does get the atmosphere of the story quite right, as well as the character designs, & I was able khổng lồ enjoy it without any of the cognitive dissonance that sometimes comes with an adaptation that"s too different from your mental impressions based on a text you"ve read.I was kind of hoping that they would make some attempt lớn improve upon the original, địa chỉ cửa hàng some padding & make the storyflow less jumpy... The anime does fiddle around with the pacing and the sequence of events a little, but only very little, only as much as necessary khổng lồ make it work as an anime. The biggest change is the addition of some ecchi fanservice, which, though restrained, isn"t really something that originally belonged khổng lồ this story (though on dialogue level, for example Francesca"s deadpan perverted teasing of the MC, most of it does exist in the original material). These scenes often make Touya seem more perverted than he should be, IMO. Anyway, the most notable of these changes made for the sake of fanservice is the slime castle mini-arc (the first half of the 5th episode), which is completely original. (Edit:Apparently, it"s actually one of the bonus chapters in the published light novel version.) Otherwise, there are only some very minor parts omitted (a few scenes are replaced with brief flashbacks at the start of the next scene, or with amusing transition screens) and little of cảnh báo added. Generally, this is actually a very faithful adaptation, and as such, unexpectedly successful - I had thought that a bit more padding would be needed khổng lồ make the storyflow work in this medium.Lastly, I"d lượt thích to touch on the ending a little bit. Interestingly, as I mentioned before, the last episode is almost entirely about romance. It"s an unusual way to kết thúc this sort of an anime, & some might consoder it anticlimactic. Considering the fairly regular presence of kích hoạt in the anime, one might expect some battle from the ending. That said, it"s a simple fact that around this part of the story, there is no battle, and I can respect the director"s choice to lớn remain true to lớn the original material. A very skilled director could have messed with the sequence of events, or even added some significant original material, và achieved a superior result, but I can"t fault someone for taking the safe route. I certainly prefer this to lớn shoddily executed screwing with the plotline. Even the supposed anticlimactic...ness (is that a word?) is debatable, as a fan hâm mộ of harem romance should be pretty pleased with this. The whole story can"t be called particularly emotionally moving, but in terms of drama, the last episode isn"t inferior to lớn any other episode in the series.I can"t in good conscience rate điện thoại higher than 5.5/10. It is, in a word, mediocre. It"s nothing but wish-fulfillment fluff, but as such, it"s competently executed, particularly the dialogue. Like I said, it"s a guilty pleasure for me, I know it"s objectively a very weak story, but I also admit khổng lồ enjoying it despite being twice older that the target age demographic. I wouldn"t recommend it to lớn anyone looking for chất lượng anime, but if the genre is up your alley và you"re looking for something light to lớn waste some time on, it might be worth your while lớn give điện thoại a look.