Nhằm giúp các bạn chuẩn bị thật giỏi cho kỳ thi tiếng Anh B1 Ms.Kate Master xin ra mắt với chúng ta 7 chủ thể thi nói giờ anh B1 hay gặp. Các bạn hãy cài về để luyện tập nhé. Chúc các bạn ôn luyện thiệt xuất sắc mang đến kỳ thi sắp tới.

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Các câu hỏi Part 1 thường xuyên gặp

1. What’s your job?

I’m a (teacher, doctor, engineer, office-worker, nurse, lawyer …). I have been passionate about it since I was a kid.

2. How long have you had it?

I have worked my job for a long time ( ten, six, thirteen years)

3.Is there anything you don’t like about your job?

The thing that I don’t like about my job is salary & working conditions. Because I work at a public place which is related to lớn the government, and I would lượt thích khổng lồ receive more salary.

Các chủ thể trường hợp thường xuyên gặp

Talk about your job.

I am now working as an English teacher at the private secondary school in my hometown – Binch Phuoc. Teacher has been my dream for such a long time. I really like my job because I am able to apply the knowledge & skills of the field I studied in my work. Moreover, I can study valuable experience from my colleagues not only about work but also about life. Normally, I start my working day at 6:30 am and finish it at 5 pm. Now every day is a wonderful day with me.



Các câu hỏi Part 1 hay gặp

1. What vì you enjoy doing in your không tính tiền time?

In my miễn phí time, I often/usually (play badminton, listen to music, watch movies, read books, hang out with my friends …). I feel very comfortable doing that.

2. How do you spkết thúc time doing it?

I will spover all of my không tính tiền time doing the things that I like.

3. Who vì you usually vày it with?

I usually vì it with my family.

Các chủ đề tình huống hay gặp

Talk about your weekover activities.

There are many things I usually vì chưng at the weekkết thúc but I always spend time with my family. On Sundays morning I usually go shopping for goods at chợ giao thương Big C supermarket with my mom. In the evening we usually watch movies at trang chính. I prefer lãng mạn films but my kids and my husb& like cartoons or comedies. So we often watch comedies together. After that I usually check the school homework of my kids.

Talk about your hobbies.

Most people like playing games or chatting on computer social networks. Unlượt thích them, I like reading best. I spover most of my free-time reading books. When I am reading books, our minds are không tính phí to picture & liên kết the information, it feels lượt thích I am experiencing the situation and seeing what’s going on. Those are very real feelings that are hard to bring khổng lồ me. I have sầu a small library in my house for reading but sometimes I use the computer to lớn find some interesting stories that I don’t have.



Các câu hỏi Part 1 hay gặp

1. What kind of weather vày you like?

I like cool và warm weather. That is the reason why I like summer very much.

2. Do you pay attention lớn the climate changes in your area in the past few years?

Yes, I vày. In recent years, climate change has changed the temperature in my areas. The weather is hotter và hotter. The sea level is increasing so it affects the farms in my hometown. I really worry about that.

3. Do you think weather can affect people’s mood?

Yes, I bởi vì. Rainy days really can get me down. And sunny or cool days can make me happy.

Các chủ thể trường hợp thường gặp

Talk about your favourite weather.

Unlượt thích most people, I like winter very much! I like the cool air & wind. Anytime winter starts, I have a strange feeling. I often walk alone around the park in winter because it makes me relax. Moreover, my friover & I love sầu lớn eat ice cream or corn in winter. There are many sweet memories in this time. I am always looking forward khổng lồ winter.



Các câu hỏi Part 1 thường gặp

1. Do you think it is easy khổng lồ learn English?

Yes, I vày. I think English is very easy khổng lồ learn.

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2. Which skill in English are you good at?

I am good at Listening & Speaking skills in English. That’s why I have a lot of foreign friends thanks khổng lồ communication

3. Which skill bởi vì you think is the most difficult one?

I think Reading skill is the most difficult. Because my vocabulary is not good, I think it is difficult to lớn read a long article

Các chủ đề trường hợp thường xuyên gặp

Talk about how lớn learn English well.

English is not only an international language but also a wonderful language in the world. It needs for my future job because it’s easier to get a job with an English degree. To learn English well, I usually listen lớn English songs và try to lớn read as much as I can. For speaking skill, I always try to use English to lớn communicate with my colleagues.



Các thắc mắc Part 1 thường xuyên gặp

1. Do you lượt thích enjoying watching sports or playing sports?

Yes, I bởi. I like watching sports so much.

2. Which is your favourite sport? Why?

My favourite sport is swimming. Because I really like the feel when I soak and swyên ổn lượt thích fish in the water.

3. Do you think playing sports is important for your health?

Yes, I bởi. I think playing sports is important for my health.

Các chủ thể trường hợp thường xuyên gặp

Talk about your favorite sport.


There are many types of sports such as swimming, running, cycling, tennis, badminton, golf & football, etc. My favorite sport is basketball. For me, basketball is a good way to help me reduce the pressure after a long day’s work and pursue a healthy lifestyle. I usually play basketball on the weekends with my teams.



Các thắc mắc Part 1 hay gặp

1. Can you tell me something about your high school? What vày you lượt thích most about it?

My high school in memory is a rather spacious school & there I have sầu a lot of friends. I like the most that I can nội dung three years of study with my friends in a class at the high school.

2. Do you often visit your high school? What has changed since your graduation?

Yes, I do. I often visit my high school every year. I’ve seen since I graduated, the school’s made a lot of changes lượt thích a lot of new teachers, built more football fields for students.

3. Which subject vì you like best at high school?

When I went lớn high school, I liked Math best because I can learn with numbers và know how khổng lồ calculate fast.

Các chủ đề trường hợp thường gặp

Talk about your high school

I started high school when I was fifteen years old. My school was located near my home, so every day I walked to school with myself, or sometimes with my neighbours. My school is called Xuan Loc High School, which was established 40 years ago in my hometown. The school was quite ancient but cozy enough for me lớn study. Although the school’s space was large, there were not many students here. Besides, the teachers there were always kind-hearted & good knowledge.

Talk about your school’s life

My school starts at 7 o’cloông xã in the morning & ends at 5 o’clochồng in the afternoon. At school, I meet my friends, my teachers và I also learn many subjects such as Math, Science, literature, Physics, Technology, Geography, History,… but I like Math best because I can learn with numbers và know how to calculate fast. I have sầu a thirty-minute break in the morning and a twenty-minute break in the afternoon.



Các câu hỏi Part 1 thường xuyên gặp

1. Can you cook?

Oh yes, I love khổng lồ cook. It is one of my favourite hobbies.

2. Who does the cooking for your family?

My mom does. Sometimes my older sister cooks for dinner. On weekends, I sometimes cook, too.

3. What kind of food do you like?

The kind of food I like is Pho. It is one of the traditional foods in Vietnam giới. Pho is really tasty & great.

4. What food is good for your health?

Some foods which are good for my health are: vegetables, fruits, and dairy products like cheese, milk,…

5. How often vị you eat out?

I often eat out once a week. Usually at the weekkết thúc with my family. We often go to the restaurant to enjoy food together.

Các chủ thể trường hợp thường gặp


Do you prefer eating at home page or in a restaurant?

I like eating at home page. The reason being you can actually be whatever you want lớn, wear whatever you want to & while eating if you get a homely feeling I think it makes food more delicious.